1. Preparation of compound
Izodeko should be mixed only with water, one pack of wallpapers (~ 1kg) with 7 - 7.5 liters of water. Mixing is best done hands in plastic container with the addition of warm water. After mixing the mass leave 15 - 30 minutes to rest, that the fibers have a rate. Upon expiration of the time needed to check whether the mixture is ready for application. Mixture should be uniform, no lumps, myrrh and slippery. If not, you should add a little water and stir.

Care should be taken to always prepare sufficient materials for a single room, for subsequent ordering may be slight differences in shades.
One package Izodeko liquid textile wallpaper covers 4 m2 wall (at a thickness of about 1 mm), if the bed well, and the walls are quite flat. Otherwise, if the surfaces are rough and rolling, the thickness of the layer will be longer, and will not be achieved by preceding coverage.

Priprema smese IzodekoPriprema smese IzodekoPriprema smese Izodeko

2. Application
Prepared mass of Izodeko skin spray take out containers, how you fit in the hand, pressed to the wall that looks like a thin cake with our Izodeko roller stretch in all directions (like dough) to the desired thickness. Setting can be done with tools for smoothing, but that experience has shown that in this case as a final operation required more smoothing of wet weight, Izodeko roller. Roller has a special coating that provides uniform bed material over the surface.
To less accessible places (behind the radiator, around the valve, in corners, etc..) Application you can use our little Izodeko roller, or other tool appropriate form.

Nanosenje Izodeko na zidNanosenje Izodeko na zidNanosenje Izodeko na zid

3. Drying
With the application Izodeko liquid textile wallpaper no need to hurry, because the mixture remains in the bowl fresh and moist for several days. The time required for drying set wallpaper is 24 - 48 hours, depending on the ambient temperature and quality of ventilation.

In the event that one day you can not finish the whole room, it is preferable to one wall or an area done by the end. The next day you can continue with other wall, without worry that the observed composition.

4. Excess compound
The remaining material after the application Izodeko liquid textile wallpaper, you can put in the freezer for possible later repair.

Here, you can view footage of setting Izodeko liquid textile wallpaper.