As we have previously said Izodeko does not require an ideal flat surface, because this mass filled bumps and indents the walls, but it requires a clean surface free of dust (which is not normally the case). The reason for the fulfillment of this requirement is very simple. At about 4m2 wall (as one package covers Izodeko-a), applied to 7 to 7.5 liters of water which hydrates the surface for about 2 days. Moisture penetrates the wall and brings out their unwanted substances in the form of spots and stains that affect the carpet. To do this negative effect to avoid the surface should be prepared properly.

We mention some examples of wall types and the preparation needed for them:
- new building - the fairing wall - Izodeko is no preparation is applied directly to the surface
- new construction - plastered walls - painted surface in two layers of full dispersion, ie. paint the exterior walls that you can buy at the nearest paintshop
- paper wallpaper - old wallpaper off the wall and depending on what is found below the surface, possibly go one way with the regular base diluted in the ratio of 1:3
- plain walls painted the color - choose the type of substrate, depending on the degree of defilement (the smoke of the firing, smoke, dust), the less dirty surfaces it takes is the common substrate layer and a layer of white paint quality, while the higher degree of soil, we recommend a full white dispersion two layers.
- styrofoam - Izodeko be directly applied to the polystyrene plate, with the ensembles of records, you must first complete skin spray, wait a bit dry, and then do the whole area
- gypsum board - two layers of solid dispersio
- plywood, paneling - if the surfaces are polished to just wash them and if they are in their natural state, the surface must cross the mat with oil base in two layers of ground wood or water-based

If you are not sure which solution to choose in yiur case, consult a painter or call us.