In developed parts of the world, recycle and return recycled materials to the market as a new product takes a prominent place. Certain level of development economics is defined proportion of recycled materials in new production. The recycling industry leading glass, paper, plastics and textiles lately.
Flotex company started experimenting in 1999, and it is established in 2000. In 2014 the product name changed from Flotex to Izodeko and company name to Cuvik Ada. Our intent was to make affordable domestic market a new type of interior wall coverings, which is just recycled raw material in textile industry.

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The tendency of sale indicates the growing interest of citizens to buy Izodeko liquid textile wallpapers, so today we are present in all major cities of Novi Sad, Belgrade, Subotica, Vrsac, Zrenjanin, Kragujevac ...
Our ambition is to develop a sales network in Serbia, and beyond. We therefore invite all interested parties who like our product, to contact us to arrange a possible cooperation.

Do not hesitate to check the quality of Izodeko liquid textile wallpaper
and go with us into the 21st Century!