1. Izodeko is a natural, environmentally friendly material (cotton cellulose).
2. Light and easy to install, the system do it yourself.
3. Using natural materials has excellent insulating properties. Do not waste energy to heat the walls, but warming the room - saves on heating.
4. Izodeko as a textile material absorbs sound - improves the acoustics of the room.
5. Izodeko liquid textile wallpaper covers the cracks in the walls and ceiling, and because of the high degree of elongation of the same does not appear after installation.
6. Izodeko excellent adhesion on almost any surface (plastered wall, gypsum board, plywood, glass, etc..), Which permits a wide range of applications.
7. Izodeko be easily maintained - wiping with a damp cloth or the dust is sucked from the surface of wallpaper.
8. Izodeko liquid textile wallpaper is easily removed - will be just good to get wet (a sponge or an indoor spray). Wait for the fiber and the rate of ordinary scrub with the wall. Removed mass can be used again (if it is clean!).
9. If Izodeko wallpaper dirty after a while, and you resolve that the thermal insulation layer still remains on the wall - you can repaint the ordinary painter tools.

Izodeko liquid textile wallpaper has been tested at the Institute for Testing Materials and Structures in Subotica (document number 22-3492).