Izodeko liquid textile wallpaper

Izodeko liquid textile wallpaper is an enviromentally friendly inner wall covering, which is produced from recycled cotton. This recycled material and some special glue goes to the one Izodeko package which wheight is 1 kg, and can cover up to 4 m2 wall surface. So the liquid textile wallpaper on the wall forms a cotton layer, which thickness is about 1-2 millimeter, this hides the walls roughness, in addition it is decoratice. Thanks to the cotton we get heat insulation, in the room where is liquid textile wallpaper on the wall, the temperature could rise even 3 celsius degrees! For posting liquid textile wallpaper you do not need any special skill, the material can be easily daubed and the work with it is child's play! This makes Izodeko a heat insulator decorative inner wall covering.

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General features and benefits of liquid textile wallpaper:

Elastic: Izodeko forms an elastic layer on wall. Densely interwoven fibers of cotton masks hairline cracks, and will resist to any future micro-movements. Because of this can run over very well on internal styrofoam heat insulations. Liquid textile wallpaper can be apllied directly to wall surface without glue and netting.

Environmentally friendly: The base material of Izodeko textile wallpaper is recycled cotton and water-based adhesive. Does not contain plastics or non-biodegradable materials. Thanks to the heat insulator features, we save energy, because we use less heating fuel.

Heat Insulator: The base material of Izodeko is cotton, which covers the wall surface at about 1,5 mm thickness. Thanks to this, double effect is achived: first and foremost due to the insulating features of cotton (Lambda = 0.078 W/Km), we raise the temperature of the locality, on he other hand, walls will be pleasently warm for touch.

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